Instructor Resources

Welcome to SkyGear Hub’s Glider Training platform! We are always doing our best to support instructors around the world who are teaching students and looking for ways to improve the experience for everyone involved with training. 

We have options for sharing revenue from course sales directly with instructors and school owners who are interested in utilizing the platform with their USHPA P2 students.

Please feel free to take a look at the information below and choose the option that sounds best to you! 


The Standard referral fee agreement is a $35 commission per USHPA P2 Course sold to one of your students. The commission is sent directly to you on the first of each month for all students paid from the previous month. 

For the Standard Referral Fee Agreement, download the form below, sign, date, and return to


The discount option is for instructors who do not want to receive a commission. For this situation, we create a dedicated coupon for their school and students that reduces the overall cost of the USHPA P2 course by $35. 


**This option does not require a signed referral fee agreement.**

For the Discount Referral Fee reach out to


The bulk agreement is for instructors who want to offer the USHPA P2 course at no additional cost to their students. We build a unique code for your school that discounts the price to $0 and then we invoice you $64 for each student coupon used during the previous month. 

For the Bulk Referral Fee Agreement, download the form below, sign, date, and return to  

If you have any questions,
please feel free to reach out anytime on our Contact Us page.