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Courses with the Best Pilots and Instructors

We work with the best pilots and instructors in the world to create valuable learning content to support your training. Whether you are just getting started as a beginner or are looking to take your skills to the next level, we have courses and information to support your journey as a glider pilot. If you are an instructor and would like to work with us to create an online course, please Contact Us today to get started!

From first time flyers to competition pilots, level up with courses built by professionals

We work with industry professionals to create the best online course experiences possible. If you have an idea or are an instructor and would like to create an online course for your school, Contact Us today to get started!

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Our Affiliate School List
Keeps Growing!

Check out any of these amazing schools and instructors! Our goal is to keep expanding our network and working with the best schools in the world to bring you the best training experience possible. 

USA Schools + Instructors

Located in the Bay Area, Rob Black and his crew at Penguin offer comprehensive, approachable paragliding training for every skill level. Whether you’re looking to learn how to fly or returning for a refresher, Penguin Paragliding should be at the top of your list. 

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Established in 2017, the instructors at Paraglide New England have over 45 years of collective teaching experience. From tandem flight experiences to personalized solo instruction and guided trips, you can find everything you need to support your journey into the sky!

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Ben White started White Cloud Adventures to help introduce people to his two passions in life: skiing and paragliding. He’s been an instructor at the Point of the Mountain for several years and has developed a reputation for creating an environment where fun is mandatory and learning is celebrated.

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Chris Santacroce is one of the most influential instructors in the sport of paragliding and paramotoring in the US.  With over 25 years as a pilot and instructor, he is a legend by any measure and one of the best instructors to train with – be sure to let him know you found him here!

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Greg Kelley started Vail Valley Paragliding with the intention of giving people a unique experience in one of the most beautiful areas in the US Rocky Mountains. He teaches and does tandems throughout the year and is a great option for anyone considering getting into the sport. 

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With a combined 40+ years of teaching experience and the 2012 US Instructor of the Year – Chris Grantham, Fly Above All Paragliding is one of the oldest and most experienced school in the US. They bring the newest techniques, the best equipment, and the safest practices to their students.

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One of the newest schools on the east coast, WNC Paragliding was started by Shane Parreco. He teaches and does tandems in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina and helps manage a small local community of sky enthusiasts in Asheville. 

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Britton Shaw is a certified instructor by both the USHPA and the USPPA for free flight and paramotor flying. His location near Fort Smith provides a great opportunity to experience the sky in the central part of the US. Contact him today and let him know you found out about River Valley here! 

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Paraglide Chelan and SpeedFly Chelan is based in the world renowned Chelan Valley. This is the birthplace of northwest paragliding, hangliding and now… speedflying! Pilots from all over the world flock to Chelan every year for National and World competitions as well as many events hosted Todd and his crew at Paraglide Chelan.

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The Pacific Northwest is the USA’s ultimate paragliding playground and the Northwest Paragliding team has the most experience helping people of all levels achieve their paragliding ambitions. They prioritize safety and integrity over all else and focus on offering a hands-on approach to helping pilots progress through every level of paragliding. They can help you live your dreams……..whether that is enjoying a beautiful sunset flight at Tiger Mountain, crossing the Cascades in a single flight, or sky camping in the Himalayas. They have the team to help you live any flying fantasy you have.

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Your journey into the sport of paragliding will be led by Chuck Woods, a USHPA Certified Advanced Instructor with over 44 years of hang gliding and paragliding experience.  With Chuck’s patient guidance, you will safely learn equipment fundamentals, proper ground handling, training hill and high altitude flying all under radio instruction as you progress to achieving your flying goals.

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Had Robinson has been teaching paragliding and paramotoring since 2008 and was awarded the USHPA Instructor of the Year in 2017. His thorough approach to training helps set up students for long term success. Reach out to Had by following the link below – and let him know you found him here! 

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Canada Schools + Instructors

Born and raised in Kempten Allgaeu (Germany – Bavaria) and immigrated to Canada in 1992.
Max has been involved in Paragliding since 1987 and started Hang Gliding in 1989. Max is one of the most seasoned and talented paragliding instructors in all of North America. Teaching in the scenic Columbia Valley in British Columbia, he and his team have access to the Panorama Mountain resort for incredible year round teaching and flying. 

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Founded in 2019 by Jon Lovering, Prairie Paragliding utilizes some of the best rolling hill in central Canada for training and student flying. Also serving on the board of directors for the HPAC (Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association of Canada), Jon in an active part of the flying community and a valuable resource for students looking to start paragliding in Canada. 

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Where The Right Gear
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We helped build SkyGear Hub because we recognize how crucial finding the right gear is to having a long and successful flying career.

GearMatch™ was designed to make it easy for any pilot or student to find their first or next glider, harness, or reserve. Please take advantage of all the effort that went into making the equipment research and purchase process as fun and interactive as possible. 

A Bit More About SkyGear Hub

SkyGear Hub is an online community resource for paraglider pilots and all sky enthusiasts. The GearMatch™ tool was central to creating a vibrant community where pilots and students anywhere can find the right gear and connect with the rest of the world.