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Welcome to the Surface Towing Course!

Towing a paraglider aloft is an excellent method for getting airborne when hills or mountains are unavailable, inconvenient, or not subject to an up-slope breeze. Paragliders can be towed aloft in any direction to allow for an into-wind launch and simply require a strip of open land, road, or lake; a tow-rig, and a tow-operator to get airborne. This makes it an ideal and popular launch method for pilots who live in flat areas, or for maneuvers and SIV courses where they are towed over water.

Towing has an excellent safety record though may feel strange to pilots who are accustomed to foot launching. It is important to relax, pay attention, and be situationally aware.

Please remember that we have done our best to provide a comprehensive and thorough presentation of the most important concepts for new pilots learning how to safely launch with a tow operation. Do your best to prepare for each day by studying the material and asking lots of questions.

Blue Skies and Safe Flying! ~ GliderTraining.Org Content Development Team